LiveRoof Maxx

LiveRoof Maxx


Soil Depth: Approximately 8″
Module Size (plastic): 1′ x 1′ x 3-¼”
Saturated Weight: Approximately 60-65 lbs per square foot
Dry Weight: Approximately 40 pounds per square foot*

What it is

The Maxx System is a niche product for unique needs—such as for vegetable gardening on decks and balconies where access may require carrying the modules up a flight of stairs. There are also a few municipalities that require an 8 inch soil depth for water retention code—which is odd as research indicates that a thinner depth, e.g. 4 inches, is better as it tends to dry down more between storm events.

No matter the application, it can be used just like the Deep System to create a biodiverse prairie, sun or shade gardens, and vegetable gardens. Naturally the weight is significant at 60-65 pounds per sf., but usually the installations are small and there is often ample structural capacity on the type of roofs where it is used.

What it does

It is primarily used for small scale vegetable gardens or for patches of tall accent plants, such as grasses, in conjunction with the StandardSystem.

What plants work

The type of plants used in the Maxx System include most popular edible plants including herbs, peppers and tomatoes, kale, beans, carrots, cabbage, even sweet corn. Naturally, it will also support a full array of low to tall growing Sedums, hundreds of different fibrous rooted herbaceous perennials (including native forbes, sedges and grasses). But, one should avoid woody plants, such as shrubs, that have woody root systems which might damage waterproofing membranes.

How it looks

It is usually planted with rows of vegetables and herbs. It can, of course, also be used to create beautiful flower gardens and prairie habitat. Foliage colors span green, yellow, red, purple and blue, and variegated, and flowers of any color and shape are found within the broad palette of plants capable of growing in its 8 inch soil profile.

What it needs

An automatic irrigation system, with spray rotor heads is recommended. For small residential applications, a hose and spigot, with a battery operated controller, can suffice.

Maintenance is similar to typical garden maintenance, but with much less weed pressure as LiveRoof engineered soil is not full of weed seeds like typical topsoil.

How it’s grown

At times the Maxx System is filled with soil and delivered with no plants—so the property owner can plant it with edibles. When used for perennial plants, it is almost always plugplanted, grown (at the nursery) until well rooted, then delivered to the job site.

It is important to provide plenty of advance notice if any uncommon species or quantities are needed. Grow time ranges from 8 to 16 weeks depending upon climate and plant selections.

Comparative cost

The Maxx System is more costly than the other LiveRoof systems because of the soil depth, smaller footprint, plant types, and relatively longer installation time. But, for its intended purpose, it is often a very economical alternative.