IMG_0493Green roof system Topgreen is suitable for both flat and sloped roofs with slopes of up to 45°, because the substrate and sedum are in a recycled plastic container. A difference with Ecopan is that Topgreen elements are laid over each other. Ecopan elements are laid in each other, similar to roof tiles.

Topgreen GDS 15

With the innovative Topgreen GDS15 system, your roof is green in no time and without too much modification. GDS15 is suitable for use on flat or slightly sloped roofs of up to 15°.

Topgreen GDP 30

With the green roof system GDP30, a roof with a slope of 16° to 30° can quickly be covered without any problems, whether it are roofs of houses, industrial buildings or office buildings.

Topgreen GDP 45

The GDP45 system is suitable for steep roofs of 31° to 45°, from saddle roof to hip roof.