Drainage mats

Drainage mats

Drainage mats come in various types. It depends on your roof which type is right for you. On a flat roof, the open-structure drainage mat is used often. Through this mat, the water can be drained freely into the drainage points in the roof.

In case of a sloped roof, water is to be retained longer in order to provide the plants with water longer. Green roofs can handle drought, but it always welcomes a bit of water. Therefore, we recommend the Delta Terrax or Delta Floraxx Top dimple sheets for sloped roofs. The advantage of said mats is that they retain more water.

For sloped roofs steeper than 10°, we use the buffer drainage mat, which holds the rain water and drains excess water into the drainage points or gutter.

Drain mats:

  • Delta TERRAXX dimple sheets, one-sided membrane, 1.5 cm thick, passable
  • Delta Floraxx Top dimple sheets, one-sided membrane, 2 cm thick, passable, water buffer 7 liters per m²
  • Drainage buffer protection mat, 800 grams, water buffer 6 liters per m²