Roof substrates

Roof substrates

substraatOur roof substrates consist of a mixture of organic and mineral ingredients based on lava rock, composed in accordance with the FLL guidelines.

Substrate is the soil of your green roof and is therefore extremely important for the result. We have selected lava, because it has a high water-holding capacity and it stores nutrients well. Extensive and intensive vegetation as well as other types of plants thrive on it.

We have roof substrates for:

  • Extensive roof gardens
  • Intensive roof gardens
  • Balcony or terraced gardens
  • Grass roofs
  • Parking decks


We deliver our substrates in big bags, each bag packed on pallets, bulk or blown:

  • Big bag: our big bags have a size of 1.5 m³, which is equivalent to 1500 liters. This is enough for a substrate layer of 5m thick on a roof of 25 m².
  • Per bag on a pallet: we have bags of 20 liters; 60 of those bags fit on one pallet. In total, this amounts to 1200 liters.
  • For large quantities, bulk is the cheapest option. A bulk truck of 35 m³ accounts for about 700 m² of green roof.
  • If you want large amounts of substrate delivered to the roof, a bulk blowing truck is the cheapest way. A bulk blowing truck takes care of a volume of 28m³.


The following substrate types are available:

  • Extensive roof garden substrate
  • Intensive roof garden substrate
  • Trees substrate
  • Flower meadow substrate
  • Lavender meadow substrate