Sedum sprouts

Sedum sprouts

spruitenIf you do not mind not having an instant green result, you can choose sedum sprouts. These are sown on your roof. After about one to two years, they offer the same effect as green sedum mats. The advantage is the price, which is considerably lower than with sedum mats and sedum plants.

Method of delivery

The sedum sprouts are collected on the day of delivery and they are delivered to you in net bags. It is a mix of 6-8 different types, but we can change this if requested. With one kilo of sedum sprouts, you can sow about 10 m².


A prerequisite for a good result is that the sedum sprouts are sown in a moist period. In dry weather, sedum sprouts die before root formation occurs. In addition, we would like to remind you of the storage time of the sprouts, which is limited. We advise you to store them in a cool and dark place and to process them immediately upon arrival. The sprouts are to be transported in a cool manner in order to prevent overheating.